New Congress: Will Anything Change?

Some have referred to the mid – term election, conducted this past November, as a voter’s statement, about the current President. Some have called it a Blue Wave, since, especially, in the House of Representatives, Democrats gained 40 seats, and now control, the House, rather than being the minority party. Will this be enough, to change the business – as – usual, same – old, same – old way of conducting business, or will it simply bring, a new wave of agenda – driven, rather than a focus, on liberty and justice, for all? Will the majority of time be spent, investigating President Trump, symbolically, dueling, with him, in a Social Media, version, of the ultimate, blame – game? Will we simply see a different form of political chutzpah, which is akin, to someone killing his parents, and pleading with the court for leniency, because he was now, an orphan? Or, shall the public, finally begin, to receive the level of representation, needed and deserved, if we are to handle the relevant issues of the day, in a well – considered, sustainable manner? What might we actually, observe, and will there be change, for the better?

1. Border wall: Whether one likes or dislikes President Trump, they should agree, his true skill, is appealing to his core supporters, in a visceral, emotional, rhetoric and promise – filled manner, and creating the type of connection, with this 33- 35%, like we have never observed, in recent memory! Therefore, using a visual prop, his Border Wall, and proclaiming, Mexico will pay for it, and we need it, to protect ourselves against the bad people, who are invading our country, although he offers no verification of nearly any of his claims, it is impossible to build this 2, 000 mile wall, and most experts, state, it is in an ineffective, inefficient approach, while fact – checkers proclaim, he consistently tells lie, at amazing rate, creates a politician, like few, we’ve ever observed before. We have witnessed a prolonged, partial government shutdown, which has helped or served, no one, because he, creates an image, driven by inciting fears and prejudice, and promotes the idea, the only way to do it, is with this physical border. Exactly, how, might this new Congress, deal with this individual?

2. The Investigations: For the past two years, the President has been, somewhat sheltered, by the fact, his Party, has controlled both Houses, and especially, the House Judiciary Committee, and other investigatory committees, which were chaired, by Republicans, will now, be headed, by less forgiving, Democrats. Will the new control, handle this responsibly, or will they let, Mr. Trump, continue to take control of the discussion, and prove, he is, at least, a master of diversion, etc?

3. Priorities: We’ve witnessed, in the last two years, more of a focus on division, blaming, and complaining, prejudice, bigotry, self – interest, and personal/ political agenda, which has often, divided, and pitted, one segment of American society against another, combined with blaming, complaining, and rhetoric, vitriol, and empty promises, plus lots of lying, and/ or, misstating. Will this new Congress, demonstrate more integrity, responsible behavior, and commitment to restore America, to what, has, historically, made America great? Will we emphasize health and education, and human rights, or, will we continue to proceed, in the spiral, headed towards changing our soul, for the worse?

Will this change in the control of the House of Representatives, make the type of possible difference, we seek, or simply, a change in the cast of characters? We’ll see!

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