What Can I Do to Help the American Economy?

As our country teeters back and forth, being held up by false promises and perpetual inflation, we need to ask, how long can we go on if we produce nothing. I am afraid not very long at all. Day by day, our American factories close. We do nothing. We don’t pay attention to where our products are made. Here are some of our excuses, we don’t want to spend that much, we don’t have time to look for American made products, and now, we can’t find them.

Let me tackle the excuses, “We don’t want to spend that much”. The reason that at times domestic products cost a little more is that here in America, we actually pay our workers. We also provide safe working conditions. We provide our workers with benefits. Our companies abide by EPA standards. These things are so important to us, that we have made them laws, so why do we say one thing, and financially support those who don’t abide by those laws?

Another excuse, “we don’t have time to look for American Made products”. As I see it, we don’t have time NOT to look for them. Our economy is collapsing quickly. Our factories are closing daily. Our government can’t do anything about it because as Warren Buffett said, they own us. It’s really up to us, we need manufacturing in the USA, rise up Americans, let’s support each other!

As for the last excuse, “we can’t find products made in the USA”. We can start by looking at products we buy in the grocery store. We can write to our favorite retail store and tell them to start carrying American made goods.

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