Why America’s Restoration Will Fail

Cleaning the dung off your boots as you walk through the halls of Congress has become far more difficult these days.

The effort has become so distracting that millions of voters have forgotten that our country was once a nation founded on the basic principles found in the Bible. Forgetting them is one thing, but actually mocking those principles is beyond any degree of civility.

Historically, America became the nation of distinction and integrity because of the belief in freedom untarnished by our cultural nature to stray outside the boundaries of those principles. Over time, we have not only stretched those boundaries beyond endurance, corrupted the foundational structure of our nation, and compromised the common sense we were born with.

Without question, we have endeared ourselves to the greed and pleasure precepts that have led to the complete downfall of every country in the world over time, and are certain to cause the fall of America as well.

When a major portion of our population finds solace in reveling in the sins so often described in the Bible, the rest of us pay the price, and rightly so. I say that because principled people have chosen to turn the other cheek instead of facing up to the giant apostasy as David did with Goliath. We have all helped to create the coming fall from freedom and America’s demise.

“The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”

Psalm 9:17

Most Americans should feel ashamed that we have permitted this fall away from the religious, moral, and principled clout we had at the start. It does seem evident that we are also co-conspirators in this destructive process because of our persistent inertia and lack of respect for the foundations that made this nation the leader of the world.

The question that should be asked is, “Is America over the edge already, and unrepairable?”

Should America be recycled, trashed, or continue sucking up to the mental and physical corruption of our society?

The impetus to clean the dung off your boots can be found in the most soul inspiring piece of literature ever created for man’s and nation’s survival. Likely, you just don’t want to hear the truth about what is required of you and for this nation to survive. No human has come up with the answers, but there is someone who has.

Aren’t there at least a dozen or so brave folks (Americans) out there who would give their right arm for the truth that is laid out so plainly in the Old Testament?

Those who have never read the Bible carefully, or at all, would be wise to take time to read about what it takes for America to be overhauled. It’s right there in black and white to read.

The Old Testament, starting from the Book of Deuteronomy through the Book of Job, is an astounding factual blueprint for America’s restoration and survival. It’s so clear and understandable that it blows your mind. Isn’t it interesting that no politician has ever mentioned that, nor will they?

Wouldn’t it be even more reassuring to know that at least a few of our leaders and politicians have read the Bible cover to cover, or even a part of it? This is assuming that every person of maturity has some form of religious belief and is in search of fundamental truth.

Then again, our president and legislators are so busy creating new laws to restrict our freedoms, spending our tax money to increase their control over our lives, and offering rewards to those who live on entitlements, that their time with their creator, at best, barely measures up to “adequate,” if at all.

There has been no news coverage that I have found over the past four years confirming that our president or his family attends church on a regular basis, or at all. Why not? Could it be that his standards of religion are quite different than those that this country has prospered with for over 200 years?

It makes one wonder how many of our presidents have kept a Bible on their desk in the Oval Office, or at least in one of the desk drawers. At least the Christians and Jews know why that’s important and what it means to prophesy. At the very least, it would imply that they respected the power and integrity of the Bible, even if they never read a word of it.

Biblical presence in the oval office might not in many people’s minds add up to what many consider the true power behind our nations leadership, such as the “Skulls” Society of Yale University, the “by invitation only” secretive Bilderberg Group of world leaders pushing for The New World Order since 1954, or our own leaders who belong, join, or send prominent government officials to participate in their secret agendas. Hell no-it couldn’t be another conspiracy… could it?

Does anyone out there really understand why America became the land of freedom and opportunity? You know… the nation that has been the one nation in the world that most subdued people struggle so hard to reach.

If you understand how this nation of “organized immigrants” was able to create abundance in the midst of turmoil and war, I salute you. So, what are you doing today to help restore it?

With our history of over five decades of persistent crumbling of our government and society, one would think that someone would have looked at the Bible for guidance. Yet, it’s obvious our leaders didn’t and won’t-with very few exceptions.

The toss-up between recycling America or trashing it remains a dilemma that even the most intelligent leaders, who have a passion to fix things, are cleverly prevented from doing so. That should create a flash of curiosity in any person’s mind.

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